Saturday, 29 June 2013

The Intro

So this is my first post on my blog, and i'm excited! I've always liked writing, but never committed 100% so i'd try my best to make sure i have regular entries, every once in awhile :)

At this point, I really have no ideas or stories but lets just rant about how excited i am to have a blog. 

THE BLOG will basically encompass a variety of topics and random stories, something like a memoir. I'm doing some soul searching currently, actually been doing it for quite sometime. Reading HOLY books and all, so i would probably, in the near future make an entry about that. I'm also currently having an issue with my passport, YES my passport! which is making me go nuts, and that would probably be my next entry, and some more random fun, exciting (I hope) entries to come.

Since this post is called The Intro, might aswell give a brief introduction about myself. Im a lady, aged 20, Im pursuing my bachelors degree, majoring in International Business Management and I live in Kuala Lumpur.

So anyway, I hope this blog experiment turns out ok.


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