Monday, 8 July 2013

Jewelry misfortunes

I had an appointment with the uni. immigration for monday the 8th regarding my passport. Wasn't sure if they'd give it to me or not though, they just told me to come and check. 

so on friday the 5th, i called to tell them that i will not be anticipating anymore delays because i need to run a few errands before my departure date which is on the 11th, and those errands require my passport to be with me.

After i was done with my speech the lady told me that my passport was already ready and that i should just come monday morning to pick it up. I was really happy, and so today i went gift shopping for my family.

I had a good time with my housemate, got my ear pierced and bought all the things on my list. everything was so good. UP UNTIL...

after i returned home, I was skyping with my sister and i wanted to show her some cute bracelets i got them ( her and my other sister), and the stuff i got my mom, only to discover that the plastic bag with all the jewelry i bought was missing...

I went to ask my housemate if by mistake maybe the bag got mixed with hers, but to no avail, i went downstairs to trace my steps, and again, nothing to be found.

that plastic bag had 2 necklaces, a watch, and 2 sets of bracelets.

I tried to think where i might have left it, but all the cabs we got into, we made sure we looked behind us before we left. Maybe the last cab, because we were kind of in a rush to get home since we were really tired already, or maybe somewhere in the mall? uhh i don't know.

I guess ill just go back tomorrow and rebuy.. again. a lot of money, but what to do  

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