Monday, 2 December 2013

Have you ever woken up and felt like ur heart is smiling?

Thats how i felt twice this month! Its like a mixture of being relieved, ecstatic, happy! Its a good feeling. I guess this is one of my favourable months.

Haven't had the chance to update my blog lately because i came to visit my family.

So anyway, back to that wonderful, out of this world feeling. I spoke to my father and there was this really personal matter that was worrying me sick and i needed, or might as well say desperately wanted his blessings. And i got it!

2nd reason that made my heart smile was that i found out i passed my exams! All of them, with really good grades. Im proud of myself that i made it. It was difficult, and for sometime i really doubted myself. I doubted if i was able to make it.

My mind was absolutely not in my head. I was just worried the whole time and i wasn't able to concentrate. But even when i wasn't able to concentrate my books were always in front of me.

If i made it through that, i know i can always make it. Ill always push myself harder I'm forever grateful to god.

Thank you :*

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