Saturday, 30 May 2015

Adventure before Lao

It was just before graduation that Ive decided Id go and come back, original plan was 3-5 days. I decided id do 5 days since the flight ticket was cheaper that way plus I was told accomodation wasnt that expensive either.

Informed my family, booked my ticket and a day before my flight I was with a friend in chinatown, had dinner and creeped around a methodist church that looked very old and turned out to be from the early 1900's. Had interesting windows and what not. Pretty cool. Afterwards decided to come back home and we started drinking, did last minute packing and laid down a bit. My flight was early morning and my alarm rang around 4am---snooze! long story short i was on my way to the airport at about 6am and my flight was at 7.20. by the time I reached there I was told it was already too late. Panicked a little and asked the lady if there were any more flights to Vientiane today and she replies "no, next one would be on the 26th". Thats 2 days later and im supposed to leave latest by 25th, no way! I panick more and i find a quiet spot to try and book another flight with a different airline or something.

12 hours later, I was still in the sirport running around from KLIA2 to KLIA, I was exhausted, and my brain was not responding anymore. I had to go home and figure out what to do.

I arrive at the nearest train station to my home, and guess what...theres a match which means its crazy crowded and you will not get a cab at all. At this point i realised that this day must just pass because im done with it. I had to walk with my luggage for about 15mins then saw a police officer. She was standing in the middle of two roads and i asked her which road had more taxis passing by so that id stand and get one hopefully. The lady must have felt sorry for me, she looked me straight in the eyes and said "wait", she crossed the road to ask her colleague something and then she just pointed to a bus stop across the road, said i can just sit there and id get a cab. 

The fact that she tried to help me meant so much to me then. probably on any other day this would have been just something normal but because i was going through what i was going through, that kind gesture (of her actually crossing the road to ask her colleague) brought tears to my eyes. I was in need of help! i needed a break..I just wanted to go home, thats all.

I thanked her from my heart and as i walked to the bus stop, i saw a cab and it stopped. I mentioned my place and asked if he would go, already prepared for another disappointment but he said ok.

I was reliefed. I cried a little in the taxi and it was those deepkind of cries where your throat actually hurts haha. (Quietly)..I broke my own heart.

Went home, sat down on my laptop and immediately managed to book a flight for the next day early evening. cost me more money which sucked and the layover was 12 hours at Hanoi, Vietnam! WTF! Lao is literally, maximum 2.5hours from here but anyway what to do? had to get it anyway.

Next day Im awake early. Ready and prepared, get tthe airport 3 hours earlier and im standing at the check-in line. its my turn and the guy at the counter is actually taking longer than usual so i was a bit worried. It was the last day for my visa and he says i have to go to my country that they wouldnt let me in. This was very weird. How can you force someone to go somewhere?! I mean yea, I need to leave your country, but how can you tell me where to go?! The writing on the visa says "making arrangements to leave the country" but somehow he translates that into "making arrangements to leave to Sudan"?? In my mind I was just like there is no way your making me miss my flight again, so i told him that doesnt make sense because i dont really have family in my country then took out my roesidence card to prove. Silly guy trying me?

He says its not them but just that they are worried immigration wouldnt let me through. So i went, passed through smoothly, boarded my plane and 1-2 hours later arrived at Hanoi. 13-14 hours later im in Laos.

That was stressfull but im glad it passed. what an experience.

Lao experience post coming soon XD


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