Monday, 13 March 2017

I Love Chuck Lorre - Hello 2017?

*The Mashing of 2 posts together*

I'm such a nagger. And if it's not obvious or already comes through over here then im pretty sure i am a nagger at least to my self! I wish I could somehow transcend in time and form another better mirroring of my current reality. You see what I did there ;)

I'm thinking, sometimes we wish we could sort of be in slightly better positions. See, not completely saying oh lets delve? into the I wish's but just kinda being optimistic..I lost track of my point or where I was headed (oh, how that last sentence just sort of represented my life right now).

Moving on, I managed to finish or say stay up to date with the big bang theory show and first of all I've always really liked reading Chuck Lorre's vanity cards, despite not paying too much attention to them i remember moments that I were actually intrigued. So, I've almost always never failed to pause and read them.

So, If I could hang out with anyone for a day, I would choose Chuck Lorre -_-.


So this is my first blog this year! And I just turned 24 (oh my god!)

I literally cannot determine any longer whether that's supposed to be a total maturity age or not..Is it the age where you figure things out, go all out, make wiser decisions, and work on self development etc?

Yes and no, i guess. It's not necessarily an age for anything..or perhaps we should stop setting age standards, you know?

Yes, in the sense that all the things i mentioned are actually great things to do, but at the same time there are 34, 44, 54, 64 etc year olds that havent figure all these things out. This is deep and I could go on and on for ages, however my point is...

I look forward to a new year, i'm beyond grateful & thankful for everything in my life, my experiences, people & journeys.

Sometimes, we need to take a step back..think and observe, and regardless of what you're going through, be grateful. Or try, because it's easier said and done...but try!

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