Saturday, 30 April 2016

Joie de vivre

Hello again,

Been a while - as usual now, it seems. I won't say that oh this needs to stop and what not again, let us do rather than just speak :)

I've finally quit my job in KL and in a month got a few offers. It was kind of fun, the search, the interviews, the excitement, sometimes even the frustration. Strange. but anyway I accepted a penang offer and I moved up here on the 27th. It was quite the challenge having lived in KL for my entire stay in Malaysia and to leave behind all that and pack my 6 years worth of life and just move - well, that was quite an experience.

I've always loved Penang, and ive always loved it's vibes. Its a beautiful place with a lot of personality  when compared to KL. To me, it's a mini KL with a beach! What's better than that. But ofcourse coming here for holidays and actually living here are 2 slightly different things.

So my job offer was as a digital marketer and I'm a 'consultant' according to my 1 year contract with them that is to expire next year March but ofcourse thats only if I renew my visa which expires this Nov. I have another possibility of a job offer in KL with a position opening in May/June with even better benefits and slightly more pay. I'm thinking about catching up with the guy again thsi May see how it goes. You never know, I could still go back to KL. But thats too much to think about right now. All im trying to concentrate on is my current dilemma of visa renewal (payment in specific) and my tasks and roles at this current job place.

For me to be considering another offer and havin not been here for long means there is something up with the current job right? Well, there are a few things that have bothered me, but Its really frustrating to keep jumping from one place to another like that.

Now ofcourse i wont mention the name of the company but to be honest they have a problem with their organisational culture. Leadership is horrible. They are weird. And not even in a good way, rather in a rude way. They are just strange. It's very localised here. They dont speak English as a matter of fact most of the time they converstae/crack jokes/make comments in malay or chinese and i just sit there like hello i really cant understand! WTF! its strange. My supervisor also doesnt really knows how to handle things i guess. she hardly gives me any work and im just wondering what she'd tell the boss after my prbation period becauseif i say anything then she wold definately get in totrouble. so metimes i feel like maybe she thinks im just an intern? Because yea, its fun to not have much work to do but its reached the level whereby i actually feel bad! Can you imagine. It's not funny anymore. Perhaps i should take more initiative into asking for more tasks. I think ill do that.

I dont know more than half the people im working with. we havent been given introductions at all! But luckily I made a friend. We arrived the same day and we go to lunch together. She's nice. And finds the company strange too so hih five. Onl difference is they're killing her with work. Strange again. For me lol. I dont know what the deal is with them but they better not blame shit on me.

I continue where I left of yesterday. Its strange how the last part of my rant changes 360 degrees. Today morning my supervisor came to me and gave me tasks that I can take care of already on a daily basis without having to ask for tasks like a child. Its unbelievable, not only that she also gives me a detailed SOP of whats to be done and how and she would share with me later this week an even more detailed document. Ive come to the realsiation that I perhaps lost all my previous patience virtues. And now, I have become a paitentless person. Clearly I have but in aslightly different manner. In seem to complain alot but things eventually happen exactly how I want them or even more and better! Amen I thank god :) Haha

Usually people in our lives come and go. Sometimes when people come in, we are delighted and sometimes they stay. Sometimes they are just passing by. Sometimes when they go, it is sad, sometimes it hurts and sometimes it doesnt bother us at all and sometimes we dont even know why they go or why they even come in to our lives in the first place. It's funny. Let's let that be that...


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