Friday, 19 June 2015

Happy moments recently

I just moved from my place a little under a week ago. Noticing im feeling happier and I cant point my finger on exactly what it is thats been making me feel strangely happier or why.

The other day i caught myself smiling..for no reason whatsoever. Just smiling. And i wasnt exactly in a situation that would normally make a person smile. I was stuck at my friends lobby gate, couldnt get inside because i dont own an access card to her condo. and so I just had to wait there until someone is leaving or coming inside the building and only then id be able to get in. Why were you smiling Sumaya! Cheeky little monkey. But hey all good. I was shortly afterwards beeped in, and I swear the person must have thought im weird. Just standing there smiling haha.

I am grateful for whatever, whichever, however it is. Atleast i try to be that way but every one experiences ups and downs and thats just how it is and i have my moments I wont lie!

I dont usually socialise much (or thats how its been before) and i must say especially not much with girls as i normally have a group of handpicked people in general that id hang out with and im satisfied. Recent college years (thats how we rolled)

This has not been the case lately, and im loving it! I went out yesterday with a bunch of girls that i know only one of well. We go way back to primary and havent had the chance or time before to hang out much. So anyway I enjoyed everyones company and it was a blast. Proud of myself, I am really trying over here XP. Nahh not really, just trying to have some fun and enjoy myself with good company :)

Keeping this post short..till the next one!

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