Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Concupiscent (Vigorously Passionate)

Thinking about dedicating a couple of days during the week for this space right here! Say Mondays and Tuesdays to be the main days then whenever Id be free or feel like it. Sounds good.

Random thought. Why is it that I feel a strange connection or  develop a sense of liking to people when i know i wont be around them for long? During my last months here, Ive met a lot of people that I liked! Really cool people. Some crazy, Some really quiet but you can tell they have stories and they have their own stories about themselves. Each person you meet has a story, everyone has something to teach and share. Everyone has something that I can learn. Not necessarily something huge, it could be anything. Anything. As long as its positive of course.

"I am soft, because I understand the hardness of others. I am sensitive, because nothing is sadder than those who cannot feel. I am gentle, because I have seen how the rough can break." -Elisabeth Pfeffer

But why is it so? Why is it that when a person is departing, moving on, leaving, traveling would be the time you meet people you like. Does this mean that I cant settle in a place for long to meet people? keep it on the go? no thats ridiculous ofcourse. But its a fun thought.

But really, Its not like during my long stay here I havent met awesome people or had amazing experiences. I did! But this is a bit different for me. Im not settled, I dont know what would happen, Im unsure of anything and of everything. But yet Im meeting people and im visiting places and its all great. Im not complaining. I guess everyone experiences different things at different times and this just happens to be my time to experience this. Its all good. all good. good. :').

"I could start fires with the way I feel for you." -Unknown. This is how I felt for someone once. Its crazy. I could have compromised anything. strange thing I felt like I was unstoppable! nothing could have come in my way! now we need to find someone that matches that vibe haha. Nahh, no need.

"Until we have seen someones darkness, we dont really know who they are. Until we have forgiven
someones darkness, we dont really know what love is." -Marianne Williamson.

Experienced that before. dont really want to get too deep into this but im 50/50 with this quote. Are you saying that someone HAS to experience someones darkness and then forgive them to be able to really know what love is? No. Well, if it does happen and a person forgives it, then ok maybe thats some sort of love but I dont really want to confine love to that only. So, 50/50 on the 2nd part. 70% for now, on the first part.

I was having a conversation with a friend a couple of days ago. She asked me if in my opinion it would be possible to find love like in the movies. I didnt have an answer. Matter of fact im the worst person to be asked such a question. Im no expert and clearly no love life at all. I had no idea. but from my experience it is best to not love someone too much i said. Love is complicated. It ends up being a bunch of other emotions and feelings that are not so positive also! WORRY, JEALOUSY, FEAR, and a bunch of other things i cant remember right now XD. So your best bet, Love yourself. Keep looking maybe you'll find I said. Right now love seems to me like a temporary feeling that you get every once in a while. it could be with anyone and with anything. experiences, people, you name it. surround yourself with love. That sounds like general love though, not really relationshipy. anyway...

I just decided to add that love conversation since this post was questioning emotions im having with people. But I think love is overrated. im tired of those love posts and rants, lets find something else to talk about next time. mayybee. I am personally fine with being with a person that 'loves me' and i do also but it must start with enjoying each others company and finding interest in each other, encouraging each other and inspiring each other. I dont know..PFF nevermind. too much work right now.

A new perspective. "Silence is Beautiful, not awkward. The human tendency to be afraid of something beautiful is awkward." -Elliot Kay.

Dont be awkward ;) or lets allow awkwardness to be the new normal. Nothing wrong with being awkward Mr. E.K but i get your point. Its ok to be silent. lets indulge in silence and find ourselves in it. Speaking of silence, I heard about those Silence meditation camps from different people twice in a row. is that a sign that i should find a place? Its an experience why not? a beautiful one. Id love to try it. Ive downloaded an E-book a year or so ago called the silent mind. didnt finish it but i did write a few thoughts on paper from what i thought about it. I think id like it a lot.

Ok maybe when im a bit free, I am stressed out! I hope things work out! *prayers*.

Thank you Pedro for inspiring me to write again. Thanks :)

"To fall in love with someones thoughts- the most intimate, splendid romance." -Sanober Khan.

Pedro has his own blog, and I enjoy reading his thoughts and adventures. I told him I wanted to do exactly everything he was doing because it was just awesome and he told me i should find my own journey and advenure because that was his and i should make my own as well :). He also said that reading someones writing is almost like trespassing through a persons mind! Its awesome. When im in the mood, Yes! haha

"Some people never go crazy, what truly horrible lives they must live." -Charles Bukowski

P.S. (people being too deep and shit nowadays or just expressing themselves more I dont know). Just a world observation from my part. Not bad! either way.

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