Tuesday, 7 July 2015


I am forever grateful and thankful.

This will be a short post.

I spoke to a beautiful woman, sometime last week. We had a short conversation whereby we both introduced ourselves briefly. She asked what are you doing here, are you studying? And I told her that I used to study here but that I've graduated now and I'm looking for something to do. One thing led to the other and she tells me she just moved here, and there are actually some job openings in their company, and that I should perhaps try and apply.

So I send her my C.V, turns out she personally is the one that reviews C.V's and sets interviews and so on. Basically it turns out that she is the one that handles all these things!

To top it up, she majored on the same thing I've majored on, and if I'm to be accepted id be working with her. First of all, The company seems really good, a start-up yes, but one that has potential. I started liking the idea. And was even liking it more because i get to work with an IBM person (International bus. mgmt.) since I've never! I've never even met a working IBM person before! Man! so my thoughts were, this is perfect. Also the place is not far from where i recently moved to. Please let me get it.

She said she would contact me soon to confirm the interview.

It was set for Tuesday 7th of June. I was very nervous. I wore a red shirt that i normally sweat a lot with. I normally sweat a lot and the material is not so good, makes me sweat even more, and then I'm nervous so I'm sweating triple more! Thankfully I had a scarf with me and so i wrapped it around so it wouldn't be too visible XD

I reach the destination, I see her, she waves, there's another man there, I sit down. Now we started talking and at some point I felt sooo hot so while talking i start lifting the scarf so as to be just around my neck. That was embarrassing.

 They asked about my visa situation and now that was the scary part. I said well i know its a challenge but i could perhaps leave for a few days and come back every once in a while and so on. She says if we take you, we would probably try and figure out something.

The interview lasted a total of 15 mins. Brief and quick.

2 hours later, Im welcomed a board. I got the job.

Is this real? man, words cannot express my feelings. I have so much positive energy and vibes, i don't know what to do with them! Recycle them XD.

Do good to others and good will come back to you. I testify!

A friend of mine, told me, to take note of whats happening around me. watch and listen. hear the universe, look for signs, during the interview. My reply was ill try! Because even then I'm not sure if id remember my name :'). An exaggeration of course XD.

We were seated at a Starbucks INSIDE a mall. And when i looked to my right hand side, I saw a beautiful little birdie that was inside! So when i got home, i told my friend, this must be a good sign eh?

I am humbled by the power of the almighty. Thank you. I wanted this, I might have even needed it, for now, this is more than I can comprehend. I am truly happy. Whoever reads this, I send you positive vibes wherever you are! Good magical vibes ;)

 Do you feel it? I do ;)


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