Sunday, 21 February 2016

- Happy Lunar Year - Year of the monkey

Just wondering, and I dont mean to sound stupid or anything - but is multi tasking actually good. Is it possible to divide your focus on to several things such as tasks and so on, and actually do a good job on each? ok maybe a person can actually do an ok job, or a decent job, but can they actually perfect a task while multi tasking? Im pretty sure alot of factors can be included.

Look at the top two lines. these are actually notes that i made and are not part of this blog. but i decided to leave them because why TF not. haha It's funny though - so Ive been hanging out with friends and listening to some wack *feel free to interpret wack in whichever negative or positive way* music after work and these are actually songs that I liked and wrote down here, some of the lyrics that i heard (wasnt too bothered to ask for the name, either that or asked and was told that they didnt know the name of the song?). so now, looking at what ive noted, seems like im feeling fucking lonely. Either that or pms-ing. Im missing something - but thats me being fishing ungrateful. Again. See, thats the problem.

We keep neglecting ourselves, we refuse to listen to ourselves and to allow ourselves time and eventually we start to break down. But sometimes, things are inevitable. Sometimes you just got to keep going, but it doesnt make sense if you dont appreciate and practice gratefulness, it may be a challenge that amidst all what may seem like darkness, you could still throw out some colour. Im not saying agree and nod and submit yourself to every challenge you face, im just simply saying i totally get where that person that mentioned "if you dont like something, change it..." was coming from.

After all, isn't life an experience of continual growth? I mean the leastest is that this could actually be one of the legit explanations to it. Dont you think so.

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