Sunday, 17 April 2016

Old draft (True - Blue)


Ive been so much out of touch. It almost the end of the year, and im just flooded (sort of) with things to do. I try to finish up as much as I can to just start this coming new year as fresh as I can. I guss i am still very much looking forward to it, still pretty much excited.

This year has been a 'good story'. But still not stable at the moment, still getting there (I sincerely hope). I know ill be more than fine and will eventually get where i want to.

Ohmygosh whatever happened to keeping an online journal/blog? Shiiit talk about not keeping words. Man its just unbelievable how a person can choose not to deal with something or keep pushing something for long! Just looked at my last post and it was effing September! The last time i posted a blog was in September -_-. Very dissappointing, Im kind of overwhelmed. Like where do the fuck do i even start from? Alot has happened. Well ofcourse, Its been 4 months aaahh.

Any way ill just talk. But i kind of just re-realised why I should forever and forever keep this blog. I even inspire my own self. soemtimes, and as you read this line - this is literally me picking up from the last time ive attempted to blog (done a draft).

Today, I had an event at sime darby, we were invited to have a stand at their event and it was exciting and all - ofcourse. But its just never enough. I dont really think this is workin g out for me. From all angles and directions, if this was another person - they wouldve probably moved on a long time ago. Look, im not saying that its easy to move on, start again, quit or whatever. Its not easy to change. As much flexible as i am, change is not easy. Its a challenge which is fine. I just feel like i need a break and be on my own totally. or atleast spend more time with myself. I need that kind of change right about now. and i think its time. perhaps, maybe, probably? See what im doing there? this makes no sense. I am pretty sure i may not make sense to anyone but i understand which is good enough.

Not a word posted this month. Been busy, seems like this is always my excuse. But being busy should never stop a person from doing what they like, right? Ive had a few challenges at work, but nothing cant be overcome and achieved with success. So basically ive been working and meeting strangers haha. Exciting times! maybe not so much. I havent reached my desired level of excitement yet, but too much of that is also stressfull in its own kind of way.

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