Sunday, 2 August 2015

A Papaya In Cambodia

Before i start telling the Cambodia story. A while ago I borrowed money from a girl and I kept on postponing because I had some circumstances. Im not trying to make excuses but whatever happened happened. This person is now giving me a hard time even after settling. She says she is an emotional person, F*&% I AM TOO! We just had a conversation and I apologised 1001 times. What do you want from me? Im sorry, Im sorry it had to be that way but do you have to rub it in my face and make me feel like shit more? I just dont get it. I didnt understand her point. Uh I dont have time for this! Thing is I cant go to her place to personally give it back to her and its not like im being disrespectful or anything becausae yes I understand the same way she gave it to me personally, I should probably give it back to her the same way too. But I cant! I cant. If I could I would have also gone to get my bag of books!

"I like people with depth, I like people with emotion, I like people with a strong mind, an interesting mind, a twisted mind, and also people that can make me smile." - Abbey Lee Karshaw

So I asked, the only person I know around that area if they could help. And the girl agreed. She works, so she would only be available at night. And she said i should tell this girl to come meet her in a place which is 10mins tops walk from where she lives. She says she cant. What do you want me to do? What shouyld I dooo. I honestly dont think the girl would agree to go to her place and give it to her there, IDK.

Im confused. So when she called, she was just talking like a person thats victimized. Get over it. So difficult waw. Look I appologised, and its enough. Ima shit person fine. But circumstances sometimes are underestimated. Bsasically next time, think before you do anything. ?

"I dont want just words, If thats all you have for me, you'd better go."  - F. Scott Fitzgerald

So tired. I arrived today, was held in immigration for hours, after that instead of taking a cab or train i decided to take the bus to KL Sentral and it was only 11rm. From there I stopped to eat in a mamak because i was starving then took another bus that costed 2.50rm to One utama then walked home. Nice but exhausting. I feel slow, cant think straight, but im alright. Id really like to clean the room but no energy and will be having a long day at work tomorrow so Ill be going to bed extra early. Perhaps When I come back from work ill clean up.

I need to start looking for appropriate visas and applying. Got one month to do that :)

Getting visa to Cambodia from here was easy. Took one day thats all. So I left on the 24th of July, Friday and I arrived there in the morning. 10-ish am. I took a tuk tuk to the hotel that i had already booked online. Oh wait, I was stopped at immigration and asked to go to an officers room. Apparently Sudan is among the blacklisted countries to Cambodia what the fuck..Anyway they asked me some questions like how much money you got for your trip, duration, where will you be staying etc then let me go. That was super embarrassing and annoying. This fucking passport is not making my life easier jeez.

So yea, I took the tuk tuk. costed about 5 dollars.The guy was pressuring me to go visit the temples. So this is one of my observations, they like to pressure people and not in a nice wasy. Like have you been to this place and that place? No. You should go. Go tomorrow. We will get you a tuk tuk. Then you do this and that and this...Hello? Hold on, I didnt even ask forsuggestions in the first place. Calm down. I mean yea they are beautiful places and basically a person is missing out if they coe to Cambodia and doesnt see them, But what if a person just wants to chill at the hotel? and it happens what? A person might just want to be in the hotel and do whatever they want to do. Is it by force? So yea they pressure a lot and theyre rude about it. Its as if theyre hustlers by nature. So far, Lao people are nicer lol.

"I no longer have the energy for meaningless friendships, forced interactions, or unnecessary conversations." -Joquesse Eugenia

The hotel I stayed at was quite nice. Was about 24RM a night. Big room with a king size bed and a private tilet. Not bad at all. Cons: No a.c so I was literally evaporating the entire time I was inside and no windows to allow some breeze, so basically It felt like I was in a sauna. Then th water, for some reason is so rusty. It looks clean, but the smell is ridiculous. It oozes of iron! I read that in the reviews when I was first checking out the hotel online but didn't pay much attention to it. It scary. You shower and come out stinking of iron? Anyway so that's it.

First day, I blacked out a little after arriving- a few hours then changed my clothes and went for a walk. It was nice. I found a river, and walked by it, got some local sandwiches and a shake then stopped by a 'fancy' place and had a beer and some delicious dumplings. Then walked back home. Later on that night I wnt to pu street and got on a motor bike for the first time in my life. It was amazing but recently a friend of mine showed me pics of his leg with a bruise on it after riding on a motor bike and no it is not worth it so id probably have second thoughts next time I consider riding a bike. questions like 'how long have you driven (because ofcourse I wont dare drive on my own -yet) would arise and are u experienced and so on haha. Serious analysis and profiling will be happening.

I then met a guy at that pub street in a place called soul train. I didn't like him and I wont go into further details but however I managed to still try and enjoy my night and afterwards he didn't hear from me again and I didn't see him again. Good because I really just didn't like him for reasons ofcourse but not bothered to write about it because who cares. I don't. He was half Algerian half Italian and was born and raised in France. The entire pub was filled with French peeps that day and a lot of gays as well. Not trying to associate gays with French or saying anything just 2 observations that im noting down :) I was feeling vibes from the gay people and no im not gay but when I see a guy and he happens to be gay I almost can tell, most of the time, perhaps especially when we look at each other! Strange

"The saddest part about us is that we would break our hearts over and over again just to stay in love." - Unknown

2nd day I was contemplating whether i should go try that happy pizza/happy shake thing I heard so much about, although what the hell is there to contemplate there but a cute guy offered to buy me drinks at the pub he manages and i was like what the hell, ill come again for that pizza hahaha so yea. I went to yet another pub on my 2nd and last day..It was called mad monkey hostel and i went to the bar. No a bad gig, heard about that same place from 2 sets of different friends so i thought there must be something happeneing there huh? Luckily i met the manager there and he invited me so it was cool. It was interesting. The floor was transformed into sand so u get that beachy feel. Pretty cool.

I was quite nervous. Later on like 15 mins later i realise theres a huge board across me that says Grenade something with a list of countries and numbers next to them. So i asked what that was all about (And of course Sudan was not there because, i guess we havent reached that level of coolness yet hahah) and he told me its a shot u took and according to how many u take, ud get a point. So i was like Sudan here we go. Shots must have been a big deal because otherwise why is there a big ass board hanging there and ppl competing and wait, its called a grenade.

Interesting part is that now the drink comes and its a normal glass filled with red-bull half way, then 2 shots put on top. One is tequila and the other is that jagerbomb thing. So its infront of me and what i do is i proceed to take the two shots out of the glass, to start, because hello that seems like the most logical thing to do? I dont know i thought they were saving space or something bny putting the two shots on top of the glass. The guy was just like woah woah what are you doing? And i welcomed that question with a poker face look. He then shows me, and he takes the tequila shot out and lets the Jagerbomb shot drop inside the glass with the redbull. My face.. I was like Oh My Gohh that is so cool!! :')

"Show me your hungry soul and ill show you mine. Vulnerability is truth, our naked soul is love." - Kimberly Wadsworth

So i did the same. it tastes funny but man you feel good afterwards and Sudan ended up getting 2 points! Haha..Pretty sure next Sudanese ppl that come there are gonna be like who the f&%$^ did that! haha Awesome.

3rd day morning I left. Cambodians are sort of weird with me and my passport. they were all making a big deal out of it in the airport. First person- at security check point when entering airport to waiting lounges started talking in Cambodian and only thing id sum out of it is Sudan Sudan.Uhh he even calls a guy that was sleeping to come and see. At that point I was concerned and asked if there was a problem?

Then at luggage check point same thing happens and i just got pissed. Dont play with my nerves like that man! This one just said theyve never met a person from Sudan before. >.>

I know I said id write every Monday and Tuesday but my schedule is much more tight now since ive started interning.

Ill try.

Been feeling so down today. But ill be fine :)

I need to save up more and manage my finances better. Then I need to move out to my own place/room/whatever..I want to travel more and see more places i havent been to..Ill do that. Im fine now but ill be even better, much more better in Sept./Oct. Oh my the year is almost ending. Tie is flying :) Its crazy.

"Id cut my soul into a million different pieces just to form a constellation to light your way home. Id write love poems to the parts of yourself you cant stand. Id stand in the shadow of your heart and tell you im not afraid of your dark." - Andrea Gibson

Ive gained so much weight recently. Oh btw when I was in Cambodia I read this article in a magazine. You know those auditors page at the front? Yea, so the guy says instead of him writing he will just paste a piece written by a college student that they wrote for their entry. AN entry letter written by a guy that was applying for a college. man i need to organise my thoughts better, process them better before writing haha. Anyway it was a motivational funny kind of letter and it was just amazing. wanted to take a picture of it to read it again later but of course my phone batt was low. I even contemplated ripping the page and taking it with me but that wouldnt have been a good look. Rude. And it should be there because I hope someone else sees it and reads it and i hope it puts a smile on their faces the way it did for me. Fo that reason on my next post ill look for that letter and post it up here :) Pure awesomeness!

In conclusion, I didn't do much in Cambodia and this piece right here was rather boring but im determined to go again! Thinking of going to Ipoh on one of those coming weekends for a bike tour with a couple of friends. Should be fun :)


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