Tuesday, 22 September 2015


These days whenever i feel down i've learnt to tell myself: 'create beauty when there's no beauty,create love when there's no love,create hope when there's no hope,this is what God made me for' 'To bring more beauty to this world'. i ll feel very much positive then. As long as there's light, darkness will never rule! lets make ourselves lights! :)

I remember reading this post a while ago and ive saved it to post it one day here. Its very nice.

Im happy. happy to get lost..in things that mean something to me and matter to me. Happy to get lost in things that wont waste my time. experiences, challenges. things that will make me what i am and what I want to be. Happy to get lost in things that will contribute to myself and my personal growth and journey. Lets get lost? :*

" About me: I like the smell of earth. the touch of waves, the taste of berries, the sight of trees, the sound of laughter, and the feeling of being fully alive." - Unknown

I really like myself. I repeat, as ive mentioned this before, not in the tiniest vainest way. No! Im simply just trying to understand myself. For years. Imagine loving someone, being so young, not having a slightest idea who you are, and your said loved one not even helping. not their job, but my previous experience just inlargened my question marks. Thankfully seems like ive always sort of felt or had a good sense or feel of my priorities? otherwise i wouldnt have been here. where i am today. I know im a determined person thats for sure. But what else are you? who are you? what do you like what do you dislike. what makes you see glitters? what makes you see darkness? can you endure? what is your limit? what do you want?

We are a mystery. sometimes a stupid mystery. But i learn about myself, i am. Im starting to really like the person im becoming. Im not perfect, but everytime i see something not right, i point it out and i try to fix it. All that matters to me, is to surround myself with people right now that do not kill me (kill my vibes/my imagination/my drive/my emotions/or just me) :). People where im from tend to do that to me, most of the time thats why we never click or work because our mentalities and ambitions are totally different. Most of the time that is the case! Maybe i meet the wrong people but whatever. I like and admire ambitious people. No matter how ridiculous their ambitions may sound. Nothing is impossible. Hey! anyway regardless, it just shows that you are a person with a vision and you are cool to me! haha. so yea I have very few ppl that i like from where i come from. That sounds funny.."From where I come from..." Haha

"Not a word passes between us, not because we have nothing to say, but because we dont have to say anything." - Khalid Hosseini

I am so still in my comfort zone, in my opinion. But getting there..Sumaya get out there! Gooo! Continue meeting awesome people. be humble. Love, everything and everyone. Open your eyes. LISTEN. Learn. Grow! Grooow! Take care, Be wise. Expand your wisdom. Have conversations with more random strangers. Focus. Do what you have to do. Stay focused. Build yourself. Read more. Go on adventures. Its almost the end of the year remember? :) Be good to yourself. I love you

Maya!! Shameless Maya liked my comment on one of her posts!! I love love love that woman to pieces..I love her. She is my total complete definition of a truly beautiful woman. I will meet her one day! and we gon be buddies bahhaha. Why not even do some sort of work together?! Now, thats one person that really inspires me :) Thank you Maya :)

"I think...if it is true that there are as many minds as there are heads...then there are as many kinds of love as there are hearts" - Leo Tolstoy


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